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1. Producer of Saffron, Herb Teas, Seeds and Plants (click-me)
2. Training Agency
3. Farming Methods and Philosophy
4. Logo
5. Founding Director
6. La Paradisière welcomes You
7. Location
8. Rayonnement
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1. Producer of Saffron, Herb Teas, Seeds and Plants SUMMARY

La Paradisière was designed and developed from 2010 to 2013 by Dr. Christian Michel Lachaud, PhD
Registered in 2013, La Paradisière markets its products since then in direct and distance selling in France and abroad

La Paradisière is a Saffron Farm where Crocus sativus is grown and where Saffron SATIVOR®, King of spices, is produced
La Paradisière also grows Herbs and Medicinal Plants to produce original and unique blends for delicious infusions
La Paradisière is finally a Garden of Eden with an orchard, vegetables, and ornamental and botanical areas, in which various species thrive in semi-freedom
We offer our Customers the opportunity to acquire Seeds and Seedlings of plants grown in the garden

2. Training Agency SUMMARY

La Paradisière is a Training Agency since 2014, registered under # 74190075119 at the Prefecture of Region Limousin (Nouvelle Aquitaine), France

It provides a comprehensive and exciting Saffron Farming Internship, open to all public with or without a professional project
La Paradisière also offers a Seminar on Saffron open to a wide audience several times a year
La Paradisière operates abroad by invitation to give Seminars and Teachings
Finally, La Paradisière publishes Books and Course Handouts that may be ordered directly

La Paradisière offers its Trainees official administrative plans (optional): Professional Training Contract (individuals) and Continuous Professional Development Convention (Companies for their Employees and Administrations for their Agents)
These official plans of the French Administration may allow the Trainee to apply for financial support to third parties, their company, or their administration
They also allow the Trainee to formally assert their continuous training effort throughout lifespan in the absence of certificates or diplomas

Conditionnal to these plans, La Paradisière assesses its Trainees through a Computer-Based Assessment system
Computerized self-assessment tests allow Trainees, once at home, to continue their training through a reflection and understanding work on the contents of the Course, quietly and at their own pace

3. Farming Methods and Philosophy SUMMARY

La Paradisière takes great pride in producing Quality & Healthy
At La Paradisière, we grow, harvest, process, and package all products handmade and in small batches at the Farm site
When you buy to us, you buy directly from the producer, without more intermediaries between the field and your plate

Our production methods are based on the cooperation of living communities of plants, animals and micro-organisms in the soil, as well as targeted and intelligent influence on living processes and living systems
Inspired by the specification of the Syndicat des Simples (France) as well as observations and research of the Farmer, these methods banish the use of chemicals and thus protect the environment, plant health, your health and the health of the Farmer

Did you know? Organic Certification allows Farmers to double their sales! Business is business...
La Paradisière did not subscribe to the brand Agriculture Biologique® of the French state though (organic brand), with costly annual rent (the certification process and AB stamp) and administrative bindings
To expose Organic Certification as the rent of a brand
To expose the inversion of values in our society : Producing Clean and Healthy is constrained, difficult, and expensive, but polluting the environement and our health is made free and easy
Consequently, La Paradisière cannot legally promote its products as organic or AB: Our products are nevertheless 100% natural with no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers and no GMO

The business organization has been optimized to minimize its impact on the environment:
(i) artisanal & traditionnal producing techniques
(ii) reduced wastes (recycling, electronic communication, development of non-standard solutions, etc.)
(iii) use of servers powered by renewable energy
(iv) contracting carriers with a low carbon impact

The natural environment thanks you for not printing the pages of this website unnecessarily ;-)


La Paradisière's logo contains 5 stars symbolizing our products ranges
Incidentally, this constellation contains two letters: L and V for "Label" and "Green" (Vert in French)
They initially connected in a green star symbolizing the ecological and civic orientations of La Paradisière

Logo de La Paradisière, Producteur de Safran de France

In December 2013, our logo took the colors of the starry sky, combining the deep blue Scandinavian skies and the warm tones of southern Saffron to the nobility of Saffron, the Limousin's Red Gold
Our logo is now with the colors of the Kings of France to honor the King of Spices Made in France

Logo of La Paradisière, Saffron Producer in Corrèze, Limousin (Nouvelle Aquitaine), France

5. Founding Director SUMMARY

Dr. Christian Michel Lachaud, PhD
Doctor in Psychology from the University of Geneva, Switzerland

Years 2000 | Research & Teaching (Cognitive Sciences, Cognitive Neurosciences)
University of Geneva (Switzerland), University of California at Davis (USA), University of Oslo (Norway)

Years 2010 | Foundation and development of La Paradisière at Laval-sur-Luzège, Corrèze, Limousin, France

6. La Paradisière welcomes You SUMMARY

Pick up your orders at the Farm

Call to make appointment : call +33 or 0 | 781 301 229


Consult our Online Shop and contact us

7. Location SUMMARY

Located in the mountains of Corrèze, Limousin (Nouvelle Aquitaine), France, La Paradisière works for you in the heart of unspoiled nature, away from populated areas and human sources of pollution

Thanks to its exceptional location in the basin of the Dordogne River
(World Biodivervity Reserve by UNESCO) and in the immediate vicinity of a Protected Ecosystems Area (Natura 2000), La Paradisière creates productions of high sanitary purity

La Paradisière is just near the small village of L'Herbeil, whose history is lost in the mists of time
Discover its Templar Chapel from the 13th century, its Sacred Fountain dedicated to the apostle Simon, and some mysteries and legends...

8. Repute SUMMARY

La Paradisière promotes the Terroir Corrézien beyond seas, mountains, and cultures
Modernity, international accessibility, bilingual FR | EN communication, are some of the many strengths of La Paradisière to contribute to the renown of a Terroir, of Corrèze, of the Limousin Region (Nouvelle Aquitaine), and of France

9. Follow Us SUMMARY

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