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Salix cinerea - Gray Willow - Plant

Salix cinerea - Gray Willow - 1 Plant bare root

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  • Salicaceae
  • Europe, Asia
  • H 6m x L 6m
  • Z2 to Z7
  • Perennial
  • Synonyms : Common Sallow, Pussy Willow
  • 1 young Plant bare roots, available all year


Salix cinerea is a deciduous shrub, with large, bright green leaves on their upper side, gray and downy on their underside.

Its flowering in catkins, early in March, is nectariferous, polleniferous, and useful to bees.
Salix cinerea is a dioecious species, with male plants and female plants.

The Gray Willow grows in full sun, in moist soils near swamps and bogs - although resisting to drying soils in summer.

It supports wind very well and can be used to create windbreaks.

The leaves and the bark of Salix cinerea have medicinal properties: Analgesic, Anti-Diarrheal, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Rheumatic, and Febrifuge.
The plant contains Salicilin and Salicilic acid, at the base of Aspirin.

Gray Willow can be used as a dye plant in natural dyeing.
Its young leaf is a source of flavonoids, which gives Pure Yellow to Golden Yellow colors, wash and light fast.
Its mature leaf is a source of tannins, which gives Ocher to Brown colors, also wash and light fast.

Salix cinerea is exploited in basketry.
Its long twigs are harvested each year to then be woven into baskets, etc.
Its bark is a source of tannins, and its wood is useful in carpentry and for making matches.

Plant Salix cinerea in a moist soil, in open exposure, and in a sunny spot.
Maintenance free, disease free, and pest free.

For using Salix cinerea as a natural dye, harvest the young leaves in spring or the adult leaves in summer depending on the desired color.
For using Gray Willow in basketry - the plant must be a few years of age indeed - cut it every year near the stump, in autumn or winter, to force the production of new vigorous straight twigs.

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Salix cinerea - Gray Willow - Plant

Salix cinerea - Gray Willow - Plant

Salix cinerea - Gray Willow - 1 Plant bare root

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