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Tagetes patula - Marigold - Seeds

Tagetes patula - Marigold - Seeds, 1 packet

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  • Asteraceae
  • Mexico
  • H 0.3m x L 0.2m
  • Z9
  • Annual
  • Synonym : French Marigold
  • 1 packet of 50 seeds



Marigold is generally cultivated as an ornamental garden plant, highly regarded for its abundant and vibrant bloom, variegated in shades of yellow, orange and mahogany, and contrasting against a compact green foliage.
Maregold is often used to create low borders, flower pots and balconnies.
It blooms continuously and abundantly from early summer until the first frosts.

The roots of Tagetes patula secrete nematicidal substances, which will allow to disinfect an infested soil.
The whole plant is insecticidal, particularly effective against cockroaches and whitefly, giving marigold practical utility against pests in organic gardens.
In Mexico, Marigold is also used to make refreshing drinks, its flower a food coloring, and its aromatic leaves a condiment.
Tagetes patula is a source of essential oil (perfumery, food flavoring).
French Marigold flowers provide a yellow dye on textile fibers, though with poor light and wash fastness.
It is sometimes used in the adulteration of saffron.

Tagetes patula has medicinal properties : Aromatic, Digestive, Diuretic, and Sedative.

Sow in godets in April-May sheltered from frost, and plant in place at the end of May.
Any type of soil, full sun exposure.
Easy plant, fast germination, fast growth, and maintenance free - except watering and fertilization if growing in pots

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Tagetes patula - Marigold - Seeds

Tagetes patula - Marigold - Seeds

Tagetes patula - Marigold - Seeds, 1 packet

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