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Persicaria tinctoria - Japanese Indigo - Tadeai - Seed

Persicaria tinctoria - Japanese Indigo - Tadeaï - Seeds, 1 packet

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  • Polygonaceae
  • China, Southeast Asia
  • L1.2m x H 1.2m
  • Z7 to Z13
  • Annual
  • Synonyms : Tadeaï, Dyer's Knotweed, Japanese Indigo
  • 1 packet of 50 seeds, harvest of the year


Variable plant with more or less broad leaves depending on maturity, growing conditions, and variety, as well as a more or less bluish green color depending on the amount of sunshine and the vigor of the plants.

Japanese Indigo is traditionally cultivated in Japan - where it is called Tadeaï. Several varieties exist, such as: Sen-bon, Maruba-aï, Kojo-ko, Akakuki-Kosenbon, etc.

Persicaria tinctoria is cultivated primarily for its dyeing properties, as one of the purest and easiest to extract Indigo (indigotin), either for producing blue pigment (primary color with yellow and red) or as a natural textile dye. It is also possible to get greens, grays, tans and purple colors (indirubin) with this plant.

Tadeai is also one of the Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies.

Fast-growing in summer, Dyer's Knotweed needs warmth, fertile & moist soil, and plenty of sunshine to produce the most beautiful Indigo.

Its large, tender green leaves are very aesthetic. Above the foliage, late in autumn, a multitude of graceful spikes appear, bearing fragrant white or pink flowers, allowing Persicaria tinctoria to be used as a small ornamental.

Sow warm in pots from February to April, or directly in the ground in May-June. Transplant the early seedlings in the ground after the last risk of frost, the plant being frost-tender.

Harvest the foliage in early July for a higher Indigo content.

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Persicaria tinctoria - Japanese Indigo - Tadeai - Seed

Persicaria tinctoria - Japanese Indigo - Tadeai - Seed

Persicaria tinctoria - Japanese Indigo - Tadeaï - Seeds, 1 packet

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