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Fagopyrum esculentum - Buckwheat - Seeds 1 kg

Fagopyrum esculentum - Buckwheat - 1 bag of 1 kg

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  • Polygonaceae
  • China
  • H 1.5m x L 0.3m
  • Z8
  • Annual
  • 1 bag of 1 kg


Fagopyrum esculentum is a pseudo-cereal native to Sichuan, domesticated in China, and finally cultivated in Europe since the 14th century.
Buckwheat is interesting first of all for its food seed, which is eaten cooked like rice, germinated, as a flour used in the traditional production of buckwheat pancakes in Brittany and Limousin (the Correzian "tourtou" ), to thicken a liquid preparation, a fermented drink, etc.
The seed is rich in proteins and essential amino acids.
It has many nutritional benefits, and is gluten-free - an advantage for gluten-free diets, but a drawback in cooking since its flour cannot be used on its own or for baking.

The young Buckwheat leaf can also be eaten cooked - it then tastes like spinach.

Fagopyrum esculentum has medicinal properties : Astringent, Galactolagogue, and Vasodilator.

A blue dye can be made from the fermented stem, a brown dye from the flower.

The abundant melliferous flowering of Buckwheat, which can range from July to the first frosts depending on the sowing date, is very attractive to bees, and a source to a particular honey with powerful aroma.

By its suffocating properties, Fagopyrum esculentum is used as a cleaning crop in the management of crop rotations (root allelopathy, aerial suffocation).
It presents a great vigor at the start of the crop, as well as an exceptional ground cover ability - Fagopyrum esculentum is a knotweed.

Fagopyrum esculentum can also be used as green manure, and by its bio-accumulative ability, allows degraded soils to evolve towards better fertility.

Finally, its repellent properties on certain harmful soil insects such as wireworms can be very useful too.

Buckwheat is easy to grow, and does not have pests or diseases.

It needs an acidic and poor soil, and a clear and sunny exposure.
It likes cool, humid climates but also tolerates summer heat and drought.
However, excessive heat during flowering causes fruit abortion.

Sow after the last risk of frost in May (frost-tender plant), directly in place, on a basis of 30 to 40 kg / ha.
Germination is rapid and occurs within days.
Avoid any fertilization of the soil under penalty of getting an exuberant vegetation (drooping) to the detriment of seeds production.

Harvest 3 months after sowing : This is why they used to call it the "Plant of the Hundred Days" in France.

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Fagopyrum esculentum - Buckwheat - Seeds 1 kg

Fagopyrum esculentum - Buckwheat - Seeds 1 kg

Fagopyrum esculentum - Buckwheat - 1 bag of 1 kg

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