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  • Seeds

    Farm seeds produced, harvested, sorted, and packaged manually at La Paradisière

    Traditional artisanal cultivation methods without chemicals of reproducible varieties, no hybrids or GMOs

    Ornamental, vegetable, aromatic, melliferous, tinctorial and medicinal plants

  • Plants

    Ornamental, vegetable, aromatic, melliferous, tinctorial and medicinal Plants

    Cuttings, rhizomes, and bare root plants - Seasonal or year round availability

    (details on each product notice)

  • Crocus sativus bulbs

    Crocus sativus bulbs

    Buy your Saffron Bulbs retail on this site

    Discover our full range offer of Saffron Bulbs on our online store dedicated to Saffron


  • Plant a Tree !

    Plant a Tree with La Paradisière & Reforest'Action

    Contribute to Reforest our beloved Planet Earth!
    More forests is the solution to many environmental problems that will hit humanity in the decades to come

    Trees store CO2, produce oxygen, promote animal biodiversity, stabilize the climate, and generate jobs

    Tick "Responsible Purchase" when you choose your Carrier

    Learn more

  • Natural Dye Plants and Natural Dyeing

    Discover our dye plants on this site.
    Join our Facebook Community to learn how to use these plants for dyeing all the Colors of the Rainbow :