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Logo Secured Payments : Paypal, Bank Wire, Cheque


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  • PayPal: Immediate, Easy, Safe, and Free

PayPal : A safe way to pay online
Use your PayPal account linked your bank account or to your credit card : CB, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Aurore, Cofinoga, and 4 stars
You do not have a PayPal account? Easy! Create a PayPal account for free at

IMMEDIATE : Pay your order with PayPal for immediate transaction
EASY : You do not need to enter your bank account information or credit card number each time you make a payment online
SAFE : (i) Your bank account or your credit card number is never revealed by PayPal to merchants; (ii) You get full protection against unauthorized payments; (iii) You follow all activity on your PayPal account for every payment is confirmed by a receipt
La Paradisière offers PayPal fees to its Customers (PayPal takes a percentage on each transaction and La Paradisière pays the fees for the Customer)

PayPal has implemented new rules concerning the refund of transactions from Seller to Customer.
The fees that the Seller pays to PayPal for the initial transaction are no longer refunded by PayPal.
Consequently, the amount of money reimbursed to the Customer will be minimized by these fees.

Other Payment Methods : Check & Bank Wire

CHECK : Check in € from France to France ONLY. La Paradisière has not the technical possibility to accept checks in foreign currency issued by a foreign bank. Thanks for your kind comprehension
BANK WIRE : From bank to bank, nationally and internationally
National Bank Wire in € is usually free of charge or with a nominal fee.
International Bank Wire comes with additionnal charges (banking fees, currency conversion fees).

All banking fees and currency conversion fees are to be paid by the Customer ONLY.
Please inquire with your bank.
To reduce your costs, always prefer a SEPA transfer in € if you are in the SEPA area (Member countries of the European Union, Member States of the European Free Trade Association, Monaco).


PayPal transactions are secured by PayPal
Payments by Bank Wire are secured by the Banks of the Customer and the Merchant

La Paradisière is very concerned with payment security and wants to ensure a trusting commercial relationship with its Custommers
For this purpose, we use payment procedures performed exclusively by official and safe third parties
Indeed, La Paradisière is never directly involved in the completion of a transaction
When you pay by PayPal, La Paradisière's online store system automatically transmits to PayPal encrypted information about the amount payable, the reference of your order, and the seller's identity - PayPal connects the dots under the Customer's directions without ever revealing to La Paradisière any information about the Customer's bank account or credit card
When you pay by Check or by Bank Wire, you instruct your bank to interact with La Paradisière's bank without the intervention of anyone at La Paradisière

La Paradisière chose not to accept payments by credit or debit cards in order to reduce any risk of fraud that weighs both on the Customer and the Seller
Thank you for your kind understanding

Please, also read Section 6. in our General Conditions of Sale

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