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  • Delicious Ground Cherries

Physalis pubescens - Ground Cherry - Seeds

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Physalis pubescens var. Goldie - Ground Cherry
1 packet of 30 seeds





Physalis pubescens is a cousin to Physalis peruviana

Its sweet fruits are less tasty though, and not marketed as a consequence

Nevertheless, they are pleasantly sweet, with a delicate aroma reminiscent of tangerine

The variety "Goldie" offered here is yet among the sweetest and most aromatic

The Ground Cherry is delicious in desserts, dried for the winter (a very tasty dry fruit), or transformed in amazingly flavored jams

Physalis pubescens forms a low, branched, spreading plant

It sets fruits very quickly, and yields abundantly and without interruption from mid-summer to the first frosts

The total yield per plant is much higher than that of Physalis peruviana

The fruits are harvested when they fall to the ground (hence the name "Ground Cherry"), and can be eaten when the berry turn yellow-orange

As with other physalis, the calyx is poisonous and should not be eaten

All parts of the plant have medicinal properties : Antipyretic, Depurative, Diuretic, Pectoral, and Vermifuge



Sow in place in May, after the last risk of frost, in warmed, loosened soil, exposed to full sun

It is also possible to start seedlings in the nursery by the end of April, then plant in May outside

A very easy to grow plant that requires no maintenance

No disease, no pests


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