Conyza canadensis - Canadian horseweed - Seed Maximize

Conyza canadensis - Canadian horseweed - Seeds

Conyza canadensis - Canadian horseweed - Seeds, 1 packet

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  • Asteraceae
  • North America, Naturalized in Europe
  • H 1m x L 0.2m
  • Z7 to Z11
  • Annual
  • Synonyms : Erigeron canadensis, Canadian fleabane, Coltstail, Marestail, Butterweed
  • 1 packet of 30 seeds


Conyza canadensis is a herbaceous plant, erect, branched in its upper part, and sometimes also from its base.

Its leaves are elongated, narrow, pubescent, frank green, and slightly sticky : The whole plant is aromatic and resinous, and its contact may cause skin reactions.

During summer, small flower heads appear at the top of the plant.
Flowering is quickly followed by the release of a multitude of seeds carried by the wind.

horseweed likes heat and sun, and will strive even during drought.
It is a pioneer plant that grows on poor, rocky, and abandoned soils, such as scree,
industrial and forest wastelands, roadsides, crevices along sidewalks, etc.

Conyza canadensis is a very invasive species.
Prevent its uncontrolled spread by harvesting before it produces seeds.

Yet, we offer it in the catalog because it has very interesting dyeing properties, which were known and exploited by the Amerindians.

Very intense, and extremely wash and light fast, Golden Yellows, can be dyed at a very low WOF ratio.

Erigeron canadensis is also a plant with medicinal properties: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-rheumatic, Astringent, Diuretic, Emmenagogue, Hypoglycemic, and Vermifuge.

Sow the seeds in late spring.
Don't sow them too early : They would not sprout until it gets hot.
Tamp them on the surface of a moist potting soil, in godets.
Plant in the final location a few weeks later, when the plantlets are sufficiently developed.

Harvest the leafy stems when they begin to branch out to flower.

We strongly recommend that you uproot the plants before they make seeds, and destroy any unused waste.

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Conyza canadensis - Canadian horseweed - Seeds

Conyza canadensis - Canadian horseweed - Seeds

Conyza canadensis - Canadian horseweed - Seeds, 1 packet

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