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1. Identity of the Seller

La Paradisière: L'Herbeil, FR-19550 Laval-sur-Luzège
+33 | 0781 30 1229
[email protected]

Company represented by Dr. Christian Michel Lachaud, PhD
Code APE : 0128Z
# Siret : 79141448500015
# TVA intracommunautaire : FR 75 791414485
# Training Agency : 74190075119 (Préfecture Régionale du Limousin)
# CNIL (National Commission on Informatics and Liberties) : 1655740

2. Information on La Paradisière's websites and Online Stores

Technical Implementation

Online Store

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2. Technical solutions:

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Design, Programming, Publication, and Photography : 2012-2022 © Dr. Christian M. Lachaud

Copyright and Intellectual Property

2012-2022 © Dr. Christian Michel Lachaud. All rights of translation and reproduction reserved for all countries. The content of La Paradisière's websites and online shops created by Dr. Lachaud (texts, photographs, GCS, program code, combination of colors characterizing the visual identity of La Paradisière's sites and online stores*, composition of original recipes, etc.) is the exclusive property of Dr. Christian Michel Lachaud. These Contents are protected by the French and International laws on copyright and intellectual property (Code of Intellectual Property, United States Copyright Act). Reproduction of any of these contents, even partially, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Dr. Christian Michel Lachaud (Article L 122-4 of the Code of Intellectual Property). Any reproduction of content previously authorized by Dr. Christian Michel Lachaud must mention the original source explicitly, legibly and visibly.

Any observed violation will be prosecuted consistently.

* Combination of colors: 3 Main tones Yellows, Reds, and Violets, and 2 Secondary tones Browns and Blues
(non-exhaustive color sampling of screenshots : Tone html code (Color name, Hue name)) : Yellows FFC33A (sunglow, Orange) FAB114, FDB818 (Dark Tangerine, Orange) F09D17 (Gamboge, Yellow) FEBE39, FEBE38 (Supernova, Yellow) E1A81B (Gold Tips, Yellow) F8A61E (Lightning Yellow, Yellow) F4C430 (Saffron, Yellow) ; Reds BA0C00, C70A03 (Free Speech Red, Red) E2170F, CC1C28 (Fire Engine Red, Red) 3A0020 (Tyrian Purple, Violet) 5B203C (Pompadour, Violet) 8E0005 (Dark Red, Red) 7A020E (Maroon, Brown) ; Violets 1B003C (Navy, Blue) 342148 (Violent Violet, Violet) 351B48, 141939, 271A34, 341A47 (Blackcurrant, Violet) 3A233F (Jagger, Violet) 2A0441 (Sapphire, Blue) 7F4994 (Studio, Violet) 612B76 (Blue Diamond, Violet) B464CE (Medium Orchid, Violet) 835198, 844886 (Affair, Violet) D3A6EB, C595DF (Wisteria, Violet) 6F3B85 (Eminence, Violet) ; Browns 503941 (Barossa, Violet) 392925 (Sambuca, Brown) 36211B (Brown Pod, Brown) 5A4B48 (Woody Brown, Brown) 2B2026 (Melanzane, Violet) 4D3229 (Espresso, Red) 3A1E13 (Seal Brown, Brown) 5A5037 (Punga, Yellow) 705032 (Shingle Fawn, Brown) D2B190 (Tan, Brown) AB8B74 (Mongoose, Brown) F2DDC0 (Dutch White, Yellow) E3C495 (Double Colonial White, Yellow) C5A387 (Rodeo Dust, Brown) B79A6E (Pale Taupe, Grey) 785A34 (Shingle Fawn, Brown) ; Blues 313699 (Tory Blue, blue) 43C6DB (Summer Sky, blue) 6AAB75 (Fern, green) 4F608B (Wedgewood, blue) 637397 (Waikawa Grey, blue) 77CEEA (Sky Blue, blue) 40819F (Boston Blue, blue) 6BA8C5 (Seagull, blue) 008080 (teal, blue)
Source of color/tone names :


The information contained in La Paradisière's websites and online stores comes from botanical and technical skills at La Paradisière.

Availability and Reliability

Technically, the availability and absolute reliability of La Paradisière's websites and online stores can not be guaranteed to the Client.
These sites and online shops may not be free of defects, errors, or failures; These malfunctions may have a cause to which it is not possible to remedy.
Consequently, the Customer agrees that neither La Paradisière nor its Representative, can be held liable in any way for any foreseeable or unforeseeable damage that would result from the use of the websites and online stores of La Paradisière, and agrees to use La Paradisière's websites and online stores at his/her own risks.


Online Paymanent : See Section 6.2. and Section 4.2.7. in our General Conditions of Sale
Risks on the Internet : See Section 4.2.5. and Section 4.2.7. in our General Conditions of Sale

Confidentiality and Cookies

See Section 4.2.6., Section 4.2.8., and Section 11. in our General Conditions of Sale

More details

Please read our General Conditions of Sale, Section 4.2.