Natural Sifted Wood Ash
  • Natural Sifted Wood Ash

Natural Sifted Wood Ash


Natural Sifted Wood Ash - 1 bag


Sifted Natural Wood Ash

Wood Ash is the Alkaline Residue resulting from the complete combustion of wood.


  • Wood ash (Oak, Chestnut tree, Beech, Ironwood, and Birch - mixed)
  • Natural and Sifted
  • Composition: Calcium Oxide (Calcium), Potassium Oxide (Potash), Magnesium, Phosphorus, Oxides of Iron and Manganese, Silicates and Sulfates, trace elements
  • pH : 10 to 13
  • 1 bag of 100g


(non-exhaustive list)

In the Garden

  • Amend acidic soil (increase the pH - avoid with certain plants)
  • Provide mineral salts to correct Deficiencies (macronutrients and trace elements) - Potash is an important fertilizer in agriculture
  • Promote the decomposition of organic matter (mixed with the pile of Manure or Compost)
  • Slug and snail repellent

At Home

  • Natural detergent (ash water obtained by leaching)
  • Base for creating soaps (ditto)
  • Mild abrasive to recur and clean surfaces (warning: can scratch)

DIY and Maintenance

  • On icy pavement
  • In the formulation of concrete
  • Source of alkali in natural dye such as Indigo (contains up to 30% Calcium Oxide or lye and up to 10% Potassium Oxide or Potash)




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