Sorghum bicolor - Sweet Sorghum - Seeds
  • Sorghum bicolor - Sweet Sorghum - Seeds
  • Sorghum bicolor var. Apache Red Sugar Cane - Sweet Sorghum - Seeds
  • Sorghum bicolor var. Apache Red Sugar Cane - Sweet Sorghum - Seeds
  • Sorghum bicolor var. Apache Red Sugar Cane - Sweet Sorghum - Seeds

Sorghum bicolor - Sweet Sorghum - Seeds

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Sorghum bicolor - Sweet Sorghum - Seeds, 1 packet



  • Poaceae
  • North Africa
  • H 4m x L 0.5m
  • Z8
  • Annual
  • Synonym : Sudangrass
  • 1 packet of 50 seeds



Sorghum bicolor is a giant grass cultivated for its seed and stem, on an industrial scale in some countries (Nigeria, India, Mexico, USA, etc.).

Sorghum seed is consumed in human food (flour, breads, snacks, sprouts, etc.) and is suitable for gluten-free diets.
The stems of some varieties contain an abundance of sweet sap from which syrup and molasses, liquor (China), and ethanol fuel are produced.
Sorghum bicolor is also a source of fodder for livestock, biomass, and fibers used in the composition of manufactured objects (brush, mattress, carpet, etc.).

The leaf sheath is used in Africa to produce a red dye on textiles.

Sorghum has medicinal properties : Astringent, Diuretic, Hemostatic, and Softening.

The variety offered is a Sweet Sorghum cultivated for sap production.
Its cane contains a sweet juice, like sugar cane.
It can be eaten directly (chewed or centrifuged), or its juice can be evaporated by cooking to make molasses and sweetener.

Warning : The young plant in the period of growth contains a toxic hydrocyanic compound and should not be consumed.
You will need to wait for the plant to start flowering before harvesting the cane, for it to be safe.

Sow the seeds in godets in April-May, warm, and plant in open ground at the end of May after the last risk of frost, or sow directly in open ground after the last frost.
Space plants 20 cm apart and rows 50 cm to 1 m.
Full sun exposure, rich soil, and irrigated in hot and dry periods.

Harvest the canes when the inflorescence appears.
Harvest the seeds in the fall when the panicles begin to dry out.



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