Melissa officinalis - Lemon Balm - Plant
  • Melissa officinalis - Lemon Balm - Plant
  • Melissa officinalis - Lemon Balm - Plant

Melissa officinalis - Lemon Balm - Plant

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Melissa officinalis - Lemon Balm - 1 plant bare root available all year



  • Lamiaceae
  • Europe to Asia and North Africa
  • H x 0.7m L 0.4m
  • Z4
  • Perennial
  • 1 plant bare root available all year



Beautiful light green foliage, aromatic, with gentle lemony scent, forming a compact clump interesting to create low volumes in an ornamental garden.

Aesthetically uninteresting flowers, but meliferous and very attractive to foraging insects.

Lemon Balm is widely grown for its medicinal properties (antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiviral, carminative, diaphoretic, digestive, emmenagogue, antipyretic, sedative and tonic) and food (condiment infusion), or to repel insects (mosquitoes), to perfuming linen and home (potpourri), and as a source of essential oil (perfumery, aromatherapy).

As a condiment, lemon balm goes well with sweet foods and juices, but it is also used in soups, sauces, salads, fish, rice, etc.

An easy plant that will grow back each year from its stump, a must-have for infusions and delicious recipes.

Give it a sunny spot in your bed of medicinal and aromatic plants, and if you grow Melissa officinalis in a soil with good moist and organic matter, you'll get an abundant production of leaves.



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