Aquilegia vulgaris - Purple Flower of Wild Columbine
  • Aquilegia vulgaris - Wild Columbine
  • Aquilegia vulgaris - Purple Flower of Wild Columbine
  • Aquilegia vulgaris - A plant of Wild Columbine blooming
  • Aquilegia vulgaris - Stump and Roots of Wild Columbine
  • Magnificent Violet Flowering of the Wild Columbine

Aquilegia vulgaris - Wild Columbine - Plant

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Aquilegia vulgaris - Wild Columbine
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Every garden should have a few plants of Wild Aquilegia because it is probably the most beautiful and robust Columbine, compared to the many commercial cultivars and hybrids

The Wild Columbine thrives not far from shady areas, where it gets protection from the sun during the hottest hours of the day

In spring, it is a visual enchantment with a multitude of large flowers intense purplish blue, with a characteristic shape, creating a magnificent bouquet on each plant

The flowers follow one another on the flower stalk for almost 4 weeks

Although Aquilegia vulgaris is considered toxic, it has a nice medicinal tradition with its medicinal properties: Anxiolytic, Astringent, Depurative, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, and Parasiticide

If you allow the plant to produce seeds, it will quickly naturalize in your garden, where it will need to be controlled by simply cutting off the flower stalks after the last flower to prevent it from spreading further

The stump strengthens more every year and lives long

It is a protected species which must not be picked from the wild (the plants that we sell are multiplied in nursery and not taken from the natural environment)



Plant the stump in a moist and tilled soil enriched it with organic matter

Shaded exposure from hot sun works best

No special care


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