Cucurbita moschata - Provence Musk Squash - Seeds
  • Cucurbita moschata - Provence Musk Squash - Seeds
  • Cucurbita moschata - Musk Squash of Provence - Seeds
  • Cucurbita moschata - Musk Squash of Provence - Seeds
  • Cucurbita moschata - Provence Musk Squash - Seeds

Cucurbita moschata - Musk Squash of Provence - Seeds

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Cucurbita moschata - Musk Squash of Provence - Seeds, 1 packet



  • Cucurbitaceae
  • Central America
  • H 0.6m x L 10m
  • Z7 to Z10
  • Annual
  • 1 packet of 20 seeds



The Musk Squash of Provence has been grown in Provence and in Côte d'Azur (France) for a very long time and is particularly adapted to the mediterranean climate.

Its wide, very ornamental leaves are marbled with silvery spots on a dark green background.

Flowering begins quite late in July, and continues throughout the Summer, producing in a staggered way large yellow morning flowers, much appreciated by foraging insects and ants for their abundant pollen and nectar.

These flowers can be used to cook delicious squash savory donuts.

Male and female flowers are borne on the same plant, and the female flower begets an edible, ribbed fruit, which can be very big. A very ornamental fruit, juicy, with bright orange flesh, a delicate taste, very fragrant, musky and delicious.

It is used in gratins, soups, purees, etc. and even in pastries.

One of the best culinary cucurbits.

The seed is also edible and can be eaten raw or grilled. It has deworming properties. An edible oil is extracted from it.

Cucurbita moschata is a very vigorous and fast growing squash that requires a lot of space for growing well and bearing fruits. Therefore plant it in an area where it can spread without choking crop plants - it can also be used as a ground cover in order to choke weeded areas.

Of fairly easy cultivation, similar to that of zucchinis, it needs a rich soil well amended in manure, and always fresh. In late spring, mulch generously the base of the plants with the weeds you pull or with grass clippings, which will promote growth by (1) maintaining soil moisture and (2) providing slow and regular fertilization during mulch decomposition.

The Musk Squash of Provence needs plenty of sun and heat to thrive and fructify, as well as long summers for its fruits to ripen. It is therefore recommended to sow early under shelter, in warm conditions in March-April, then plant in place in May after the last risk of frost.

In regions with a cool climate, however, it is best growing Cucurbita moschata in a greenhouse to obtain ripe fruit. Fruits can also be harvested before fully ripe and stored indoors in a heated room where they will finish ripening during autumn - harvest as late as possible and before the first frost.



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