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  • Seed
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    Farm Seeds produced at La Paradisière

    Traditional artisanal cultivation & harvesting methods
    No chemicals, reproducible varieties, no hybrids, no GMOs


     Ornamental, Edible, Aromatic, Melliferous, Dye & Medicinal Plants 

  • Plant
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    Ornamental, Edible, Aromatic, Melliferous, Dyeing and Medicinal Plants

    Seasonal or year round availability
    (details on each product notice)


     Bare root plants, Unrooted Cuttings, & Rhizomes 

  • Dye Plant
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    Dye Plants

    Learn how to use our Dye Plants on Wool : Course on Natural Dye


     Natural Dyeing is also our Passion 

  • Book
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    Discover original works of rare content quality


     La Paradisière is happy to Edit & Publish for you 

  • Bulb
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    Plants with Bulb, Rhizome, Tuber, Stem & Tuberous Roots

    This category includes all plants whith a vegetative system having such characteristic
    Certain items are sold in this format, others as seeds
    Please read each notice for the detail


    Are you Looking for Saffron Bulbs ?
    Visit saffron-crocuses.com and bulbes-de-crocus-sativus.com


     Discover our Offer for Saffron Bulbs 

  • Herb Teas & Iced Tea
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    Please Visit saffron-crocuses.com


     Original Blends of Aromatic Herbs for Infusion & Iced Tea 

  • Saffron
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    Pure Saffron Threads

    Extremely Rare & Precious Spice, Produced of France
    Please Visit saffron-crocuses.com


     PREMIUM Gastronomic & Medicinal ISO 3632 Quality 

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  • Discount
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    Discounts and Price Drops at La Paradisière

  • Evolution
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    Discover the Family Tree of Flowering Plants

    Click on the Buttons to explore the Family Tree, find all the plants of a Family in our Catalog, and access the Sources

  • Videos
  • Maintenance-Repair

    Cleaning, Maintenance, Restoration, and Repair of Domestic Knitting Machine

    Have you inherited a Domestic Knitting Machine but it is in poor condition, malfunctioning, or not working?

    Don't throw it away!
    Most of these little Treasures were manufactured in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, at a time when we built for long lasting
    Robust and Ingenious, Domestic Knitting Machines have precision mechanisms that must be maintained regularly
    Very often, they can be set back into good working order and repaired

    European Patent Brands (SIT - Superba, Singer, Phildar, White, etc.)
    Japanese Patent Brands (Brother, Toyota, Silver Reed, Empisal, etc.)

    Learn More

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