• Seed

    Farm seeds produced at La Paradisière

    Traditional artisanal cultivation & harvesting methods
    No chemicals, reproducible varieties, no hybrids, no GMOs


     Ornamental, Edible, Aromatic, Melliferous, Dyeing & Medicinal Plants 

  • Plant

    Ornamental, Edible, Aromatic, Melliferous, Dyeing and Medicinal Plants

    Seasonal or year round availability
    (details on each product notice)


     Bare root plants, Unrooted Cuttings, & Rhizomes 

  • Dye Plant

    Dye Plants

    Learn how to use our Dye Plants on Wool : Course on Natural Dye


     Natural Dyeing is also our Passion 

  • Book


    Discover original works of rare content quality


     La Paradisière is happy to Edit & Publish for you 

  • Bulb

    Crocus sativus bulbs

    Buy your Saffron Bulbs retail on semences-fermieres.com
    Buy your Saffron Bulbs at better prices on saffron-crocuses.com


     Discover our extensive Line of Saffron Bulbs 

  • Herb Teas & Iced Tea


    Please Visit saffron-crocuses.com


     Original Blends of Aromatic Herbs for Infusion & Iced Tea 

  • Saffron SATIVOR®

    Pure Saffron Threads

    Extremely Rare & Precious Spice, Produced of France
    Please Visit saffron-crocuses.com


     PREMIUM Gastronomic & Medicinal ISO 3632 Quality 

  • Course


    • 3 Levels of Professionnalizing Training for Becoming a Dyer
      (3 courses of 40 h each, total 3 weeks - 120 h)

    • A Clever Mix of Theory and Experimentation to Give You Solid Foundations. The Course Establishes your Practice and your Autonomy, Prerequisites to Become a True Expert

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