Sedum rupestre - Stonecrop - Cutting
  • Sedum rupestre - Stonecrop - Cutting
  • Sedum rupestre - Stonecrop - Cutting
  • Sedum rupestre - Stonecrop - Cutting
  • Sedum rupestre - Stonecrop - Plant

Sedum rupestre - Stonecrop - Cutting


Sedum rupestre - Stonecrop - 5 cuttings, rooting guaranteed



  • Crassulaceae
  • Europe
  • H 0.2m x L 0.3m
  • Z6
  • Perennial
  • 1 set of 5 cuttings with guaranteed rooting - available all year



Sedums are small succulent plants that thrive clinging to rocky crevices, on scree, after abandoned walls, and in all situations where no other plant could resist drought, the heat of the sun, and the lack of soil.

They are now widely used to create green roofs on gravel, without maintenance. Therefore, they can also be used for the borders of gravel driveways, as ground cover, in rockeries, or to create green walls.

Sedum rupestre has a beautiful, very decorative tender green foliage. It can be associated with its cousin Sedum rupestre var. Glaucum (syn. Sedum reflexum), with gray-bluish foliage, to create a permanent colorful contrast.

Stonecrop produces a graceful branched inflorescence in early summer, supporting small, starry, bright yellow flowers that will bloom in a staggered fashion for over a month. The flowering is extremely attractive to the bees, who adore it, and will come to forage by the hundreds.

Very easy to grow, requiring no maintenance or watering, Sedum rupestre tolerates drought, extreme heat and severe frost.

To root your cuttings, follow one of these 2 methods:

  1. lay the cutting horizontally on the ground and cover 4-5 cm of its lower portion with a little soil or gravel
  2. poke 5 cm of the cutting's lower portion vertically into the soil or growing medium, taking care not to break the stem

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