Sedum spurium - Pink Caucasian Stonecrop
  • Sedum spurium - Pink Caucasian Stonecrop

Sedum spurium - Pink Caucasian Stonecrop - Cuttings

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Sedum spurium - Pink Caucasian Stonecrop
5 unrooted cuttings





Another sedum to install in a wall or a rock garden for setting vegetation with soft pink flowers in early summer

Sedum spurium is an easy plant, maintenance free and very robust, which tolerates heat, frost and drought

Pink Caucasian Stonecrop sheds its leaves in winter: cuttings shipped by this season may have only a few leaves at the top of their stems



Very easy to grow, requiring no maintenance or watering

To root your cuttings, follow one of these 2 methods:

  1. lay the cutting horizontally on the ground and cover 4-5 cm of its lower portion with a little soil or gravel
  2. poke 5 cm of the cutting's lower portion vertically into the soil or growing medium, taking care not to break the stem

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