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Rumex obtusifolius - Round-Leaved Dock - Seeds

Rumex obtusifolius - Round-Leaved Dock - Seeds, 1 packet

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  • Polygonaceae
  • Western Europe
  • H 1.5m x L 0.6m
  • Z4 to Z8
  • Perennial
  • Synonym : Bitter Dock
  • 1 packet of 20 seeds


Rumex obtusifolius is a large and beautiful wild plant from the Sorrel family.
It is commonly found in meadows and grassy areas, where it indicates moist and pack soil.
It is also a garden weed, and a problem in agriculture.

Its large, green leaves gathered in a rosette, emerge vigorously from the ground in spring.
The flower stalk follows at the end of spring and can reach 1.5 m.
It bears a multitude of small green flowers, united in whorls, which give rise to triangular fruits (achenes) often taking a pretty pink hue before maturity.

The taproot of the Round-Leaved Dock ramifies with age and reaches several tens of cm in depth.
Its bright yellow flesh contains bactericidal, fungicidal and insect and rodent repellants.

Rumex obtusifolius has medicinal properties : Astringent, Contraceptive, Healing, Laxative, Purifying, and Soothing.

It has also been used in cooking, in soups.
Its young leaf brings a little acidity, but also bitterness.

Bitter Dock is an interesting tinctorial plant, rich in tannins, and which use does not always require mordanting.
Dyers can get a whole range of very beautiful pastel colors, wash and light fast :

  • Yellows, Greens, Grays and Browns with the root
  • Apricot, Salmon and Terracotta with the fresh seeds harvested before full maturity
  • Mustards and Ochres with a mix of all the aerial parts of the plant

Sow early, at the end of winter or very beginning of spring, directly in place, in a sunny and open position.
A heavy, moist, tightly packed and asphyxiating soil is needed, otherwise the seeds will remain dormant.
Therefore, tamp the soil well after sowing, and keep it moist all the time.
Rumex obtusifolius requires no maintenance, has no diseases and no pests.

Harvest the different parts of the plant according to the need, their maturity and seasonal availability - Leaves in spring, summer and fall, Fresh seeds in early summer, Roots from 2 or 3-year-old plants in autumn and winter

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Rumex obtusifolius - Round-Leaved Dock - Seeds

Rumex obtusifolius - Round-Leaved Dock - Seeds

Rumex obtusifolius - Round-Leaved Dock - Seeds, 1 packet

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