Physalis peruviana - Inca Berry - Seeds
  • Physalis peruviana - Inca Berry - Seeds
  • Physalis peruviana - Inca Berry - Seeds
  • Physalis peruviana - Inca Berry - Seeds

Physalis peruviana - Inca Berry - Seeds

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Physalis peruviana - Inca Berry - Seeds, 1 packet



  • Solanaceae
  • South America (Peru)
  • H 1.5 m x L 1.2m
  • Z9
  • Perennial, grown as an annual in temperate regions
  • Synonym : Goldenberry
  • 1 packet of 50 seeds



Physalis peruviana is cultivated for its delicious fruit, culinarily one of the best produced by this familly of plants, and generally the only one marketed in the western countries.
Very aromatic, tangy, and rich in vitamins A, B, and C, proteins, and phosphorus, the Inca Berry can be used raw, in desserts, for plates decoration, or dried for the winter.

Warning: As with other Physalis, the calyx is poisonous and should not be eaten.

The Goldenberry has diuretic properties.
The leaves of Physalis peruviana have Anthelmintic properties.

Physalis peruviana is a perennial in warm regions, but won't resist winters in temperate regions and is grown as an annual in Europe.

Very easy to cultivate, it requires a long growing season because it flowers late and ripens its fruits during the fall.
The yield is, nevertheless, very high.

Sow early, late March to mid-April, in godets, warm until germination (15 days), and plant in place at the end of May when the risk of frost is over.
Full sun exposure, moist and deep soil, moderately fertile.
In fertile soil, the plant has an exuberant vegetation detrimental to the production of fruits.
Mulch the base of the plants with plant wastes to maintain soil moisture, and water if the plants show signs of thirst.

Harvest the Inca berries when the calyx turns dry.
You will also find many ripe fruits on the ground - to be harvested too.

No disease, no pest.



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