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Physalis ixocarpa - Tomatillo - Seeds

Physalis ixocarpa - Tomatillo - Seeds, 1 packet

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  • Solanaceae
  • Central America, up to the USA and down to South America
  • H 1m x L 1m
  • Z8
  • Annual
  • 1 packet of 50 seeds



Tomatillo (literally: "Little Tomato") is a large physalis fruit about the size of an average tomato.

Widely eaten in Latin American countries, it is used cooked as a vegetable, in curries, sauces, soups, mixed vegetables, etc.
It is one of the essential ingredients for Salsa Verde.

Harvested before maturity and left in its calyx, a tomatillo can be kept in the refrigerator for a few weeks.
However, Tomatillos have a stronger flavor when harvested fully riped.
Then, they must be eaten quickly.

The productivity of a plant is very high, yielding starts very fast, and the abundant harvest lasts from mid-summer until the first frosts.

There are several varieties of Tomatillos, giving yellow, white, purple, green fruits...
The variety offered here gives large green fruits that turn ivory when fully ripe.

Warning : All parts of the plant including the calyx, except the fruit, are poisonous.
The fruits taken out of their calyx are sticky and should be rinsed well before being cooked.

Physalis ixocarpa is a species little known to the European gardener, therefore to discover.

It is much easier to grow than tomato, can yield more than some tomato varieties, and doesn't catch diseases nor is it a target to pests.

Physalis ixocarpa does not require any special care once planted, apart a little staking if you do not want it to sag - which does not prevent it from thriving or yielding.

Sow warm in April (sprouts in 10 to 15 days), in godets, and plant in place at the end of May after the last risks of frost, in a moderately fertile soil, exposed to full sun.
Water during summer if the plant shows signs of thirst, in order to maintain productivity.

Pick the Tomatillos after the calyx has torn and the fruit takes its ripe color.

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Physalis ixocarpa - Tomatillo - Seeds

Physalis ixocarpa - Tomatillo - Seeds

Physalis ixocarpa - Tomatillo - Seeds, 1 packet

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