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Inula helenium - Elecampane - Seeds

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Inula helenium - Elecampane
1 packet of 50 seeds





Very large deciduous perennial plant, ornamental with its large, broad majestic leaves and its summer flowering with superb large, graceful yellow flowers, which resemble giant Asters borne on sturdy stems

Inula helenium is, however, rarely cultivated as an ornamental plant, and rather considered for its medicinal properties: Anthelmintic, Antiseptic, Antitussive, Astringent, Cholagogue, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Expectorant, Stimulant, Stomachic, and Tonic

Elecampane is very effective in killing roundworms, but also as a bactericide, antiseptic, detoxifier, and stimulant of the immune system

Edible plant, its tough tuberous root, taken from plants older than 3 years can be used as aromatics (grated and dried), and its leaves as leaf vegetable

The fresh root of Inula helenium smells like green bananas, then like violets as it dries

Elecampane root also provides a blue dye and an essential oil with a camphorous odor, used in aromatherapy



Sow the seeds in April in pots, lightly covered with soil or compost

Transplant in place at the end of May, in deep soil, in a place where Inula helenium can spread out and be admired without disturbing the other plants

Water in summer the year of planting so that the root network can grow well

Elecampane needs sun, but if it is in the shade of trees during the afternoon heat, it will grow more harmoniously

In autumn, cut the stems back to ground level when they dry

Grows back every year in spring

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